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Aya Hanasaku

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Aya Hanasaku

Post by Aya on Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:12 pm

Basic Information

Name: Aya Hanasaku

Gender: Female

Age: 17 and a half

DOB: May 29

Appearance :

Straight black hair with purple eyes. height:5'4 Weight about 113 lbs  

Personality: Aya is calm and usually won't get mad unless she's in a bad mood. She is also very reliable and responsible.

Description of Planet: From the distant future (Year 2087)

History: She remembers her past very well, she just doesn't like talking about so she keeps it a secret. All you need to know about is that it was boring. She hated her boring life so when she received the letter she didn't really care about casting everything aside.

Gift: Botanokinesis: Users can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, even moss and (for practical reasons) fungus, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk".  

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